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Sugar Villa at Kamala, Phuket

Six villa complex under constant guard surveillance. Each villa has its own swimming pool with a Jacuzzi, private garden and a sea site view. (more…)

Hua Hin beaches

Hua Hin beaches, called to the rock formations in the water. The Hua Hin beach is famous about the spectacular and beautiful sunrises. Hua Hin beach is never so busy and it’s a great place with long and wide White sands strokes beaches at this nice place. You will find affordable rentals in Hua Hin at You like lazy day’s and want relaxing on the beach in Hua Hin. A good choice with many deck chairs, beach umbrellas and sun loungers are available on the beach for a hourly or small daily charge.



National parks in Thailand

The beautiful place, great nature parks and national parks. The kingdom of Thailand have 48 national parks. Beautiful places and the most of them are easy to access for visitors. Normally there are accommodations in the near area but not all the time. Most of the national parks charge you a fee from 400 Baht up for foreigners and 40 Baht for Thai. For rentals in Thailand go to If you have a Thai driver license, show tat when you have to pay the fee and you will pay the same as the Thai people. Enjoy the national parks in this amazing country with his spectacular and amazing nature parks. (more…)

Soak up the Sun this Summer: Popular Summer Destinations

With the end of winter, many people are looking forward to sunnier weather. Many will commence planning their summer holidays. A popular destination the summer will be the beach such as the ones mentioned below. (more…)

The Haven Provided By Your Koh Samui Villas provide the ideal accommodation for folks who have a fetish for a fancy lifestyle that comes with privacy, tranquillity, and an expansive view of natural beauty. These villas are strategically located in the hilltops and along the beautiful coastline of Thailand. (more…)