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Top Destinations for Kids in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is such a unique and complete city that any tourist can find something to fall in love with. Between its rich, old-fashioned architecture, breathtaking canals, fascinating history, important art scene, incredible nightlife, and world-famous tolerance, you can feel in your element no matter what your interests are. (more…)

Top Three Weird Traditions in Crete

The lovely island of Crete has a lot of the Greek Charm and cultural heritage and it is definitely worth paying it visit. If you have already made up your mind, you will be happy to know that the transportation service is not a problem anymore (more…)

Soak up the Sun this Summer: Popular Summer Destinations

With the end of winter, many people are looking forward to sunnier weather. Many will commence planning their summer holidays. A popular destination the summer will be the beach such as the ones mentioned below. (more…)

Surfing in Gran Canaria

As the island is often called “Hawaii of the Atlantic”, no doubt that surfing in Gran Canaria is a wonderful attraction. Excellent weather and an abundance of sandy beaches, with the proper conditions for every level of ability, tempt surfing and bodyboarding lovers from all around the world to visit this beautiful island.

If you are new to surfing, most of the schools are located on the south coast of the island, while the north coast attracts more experienced surfers. Although the best place for practising the sport depends on certain conditions, such as wind or wave strength and height, these are some of the most popular spots for surfing in Gran Canaria. (more…)

Ideas for a Romantic Vacation in Mainland Greece

Greece is a wonderful country to visit. But lots of people tend to head straight for the islands and miss out the mainland completely. This might be a mistake, especially if you want to treat your partner to a romantic Greek holiday. (more…)

Holiday Villas in Turkey

Discover the Reasons Why You Should Rent Holiday Villas in Turkey
Renting one of the available holiday villas in Turkey is the best thing that you can do if you intend to spend a truly great time over there. The very first thing that you must know about the villas in Turkey is the fact that they provide the most essential components for a perfect holiday on the wonderful Turquoise Coast.