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Sihanoukville hotels – From budget to luxury

Sihanoukville is also fondly referred to as Kampong Som and is a province in southern Cambodia on the Gulf of Thailand. This beautiful port city and beach resort of Sihanoukville is bordered by stretches of whit sandy beaches and gorgeous undeveloped tropical islands.

Sihanoukville, named after a Cambodian king, was actually chopped out of a jungle in the late 1950s so Cambodia would get its first and only deep-water port. So there you have it, Sihanoukville is a perfect laid back locale bang in the lap of Mother Nature. Sadly, the transportation is a little weak, so tourists do not flock here in plenty. But that’s actually a great deal for you if you are willing to put in a little effort to travel. The beaches are tranquil and there is an almost laid back feel to the place. Sihanoukville is a gorgeous fantastic place to be and is pretty reasonable. (more…)

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Galapagos Island: Journey of lifetime

Galapagos Island’s journey can aptly be called your journey of lifetime. Galapagos Island is 1000 km, from Ecuador’s mainland, and its archipelago is made up of thirteen major islands, in which only five are inhabited. Discovery Channel has shown numerous shows about this island. Travelers, Nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and scientist all come to this cradle of geology and multitude of flora and fauna. One of the first people who came to this island is none other then Charles Darwin. He was so fascinated by this place; his five week stay gave him impetus for his famous theory of evolution and the origin of species. Till date scientist are fazed about how can such large diversity in flora and fauna developed in such remote location. (more…)

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Budget Latvian Beaches

With more than 500 km of shoreline and total population of merely 2.3 million citizens, Latvia has few of the most isolated beaches you can find on the globe. Latvia has world class resorts and astonishing public beaches. If you have to consider your budget while planning your trip, in that case Latvian beaches are the best options for you. (more…)

All inclusive resorts in Belize are wonderful

caribbean-seaThe all inclusive Resorts in Belize are wonderful, the food was great and you folks are incredible. After a few days I really did feel like I was staying with friends. They way you had everything set up was also very conducive to getting to know and enjoy all of the other guests.

The trips were all fun and very educational. Thanks for everything. Hopefully, we can save up our air miles and be back in two years. My sons and their wives are thinking about joining us. (more…)

Mexico All-Inclusive Vacation

If you want to go on a Mexico vacation and get more bang for your buck, then Mexico vacation rentals are the way to go. Rental homes are increasingly becoming popular these days, whether among families looking for extra space or among independent travelers. For families, Mexico vacation rentals present a way for them to enjoy all that the country has to offer while at the same time get more space than they would get from a hotel room price. For independent travelers, Mexico vacation rentals give them that feeling of being a local or simply being in the midst of things. (more…)

Mediterranean Cruises Fun

Mediterranean cruise trips offers on bestbudgetcruiseline.com are absolutely thrilling! It offers you the opportunity to travel to a variety of gorgeous locations and also gorge on delicious dishes. You get the chance to interact with myriads of people and you also can purchase mementos. Although these activities will be carried out on the shoreline, there is much to look forward to on the ship too. Often the most memorable events occur on board. (more…)

Options For Packages In Your All Inclusive Vacation

You have а lot оf орtiоns to сhoоѕе from whіle рlаnnіng yоur аll inсluѕіvе family vаcatіоns. Bеаchеѕ оf Turkѕ, Jamaіcа аnd Caісoѕ аrе perfeсt holidаy расkаgеs bесаusе іt inсludеs somеthіng for еасh mеmber оf thе famіlу. The Dіsnеу Wоrld iѕ уеt аnоthеr рорulаr dеѕtіnatiоn аmоng fаmіlieѕ; іt оfferѕ mаnу all іnсlusivе fаmilу vасаtion оptіonѕ. Thе Cаrіbbеаn reѕоrtѕ, Mеxіcо Rеѕоrtѕ and PR Rеѕorts аlso оffеr exсellent іncluѕіvе famіlу рaсkageѕ! (more…)

Dead Sea Beach in Israel

Have you ever ventured into the most dreadful sounding name yet the most romantic places in the world? This is the time for you to explore one of the most romantic beaches in the world. The Dead Sea Beach in Israel is one of the most amazing beaches in the country. (more…)

Seek Paradise in Mauritius

Paradis Beach is known as the most amazing and the most romantic beach in Mauritius. This beach is a small one and is known as the “Paradis” because it is the most prettiest beach which you can ever think of in the world.

There are many attractions in the beach and also there are many things to do on the beach. The beach is a combination of rocks and sand and is a perfect pathway for those who would love to sunbathe lying down on the sand or for the ones, who love to read a book sitting on the rock. (more…)

Manchebo Beach Aruba

Aruba is a Caribbean island that is part of the Lesser Antilles and is under the government of the Netherlands. It is a very desirable tourist destination and has some of the most famous beaches, hotels and resorts all over the world. Manchebo Beach, called also Punto Brabo, is the widest of Aruba’s strands along the west coastline. It is located just north of the island’s capital, the town of Oranjestad, and is right in the heart of all the entertainment. In this seaside area may be found some of the most attractive and popular resorts and hotels in Aruba. Manchebo Beach merges with Druif Beach, and as a result the locals refer to both with the name of the larger one. (more…)